Inot Sincron - Un dialog despre Fotografie. Fluid, personal si fara imagini.
Voicu Bojan
Gicu Serban
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Inot Sincron - Un dialog despre Fotografie. Fluid, personal si fara imagini. Vreme de trei ani, doi prieteni (Gicu Serban si Voicu Bojan) au purtat, în scris, un dialog despre fotografie, viata si micile lucruri care îi pasioneaza. Rezultatul acestui schimb de idei s-a concretizat într-o carte. Ea poarta titlul de Înot sincron si, printre altele, vorbeste despre:

fotografie si tradare / subiect si implicare / Caravaggio, Erwitt, Rene Burri / scris si fotografie / bazine, înot, slapi si halate de baie / Nora / manele vizuale / Tarkovski, Towell, Arbus / concursuri foto / capsuni, rosii, patrunjei / fotografie si arta / kendo / cum sa facem poze mai bune / Havana, Alun si Petrila / fotografii iconice / ce înseamna o imagine buna / fotografie accidentala / audiobooks, servetele umede si pâine feliata / fotografie si kitsch / Ocna Sibiului si Zoo Turda / Sally Mann si Robert Capa / cartofi prajiti si drumul crucii / fotografie si întâlnire / etc.

Cartea apare în colectia Diafragma 9 si are 190 de pagini. Formatul este 15x21 cm, are coperta cretata cu clape. Costa 25 ron.

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"It was interesting to read these anecdotes about the battle of the tomatoes, the pool incident, or Nora waking up because you find yourself composing pictures in your head - in addition to the motion picture that usually takes place when reading a book. There is a universal experience when you come into the perfect situation to photograph that is probably similar to the inexplicable state you write about. Ultimately, we end up at the point where the journey is the answer.

It is unique, not only in this dialogue style (regarding this subject anyway), but also that it teaches something about being present when shooting - even if that was not the intention. I think more often than not we have shaped our opinions by this "overkill" of imagery about what looks good/bad, what is technically acceptable, blah blah blah...that many times our minds are on "auto-focus", as well as the camera.

At the same time though I think our experience, environment, and state of mind, are constantly changing which ultimately alters our opinion about a single frame, from one moment to the next. One day I am in love with an image and 2 weeks later ask myself what the hell I was thinking? It is the constant game that keeps it interesting.

Some images, however, do stand the test of time and we usually have a gut feeling about those the second they are captured. These images are a result of the aligning of stars/light/shutter/people/ and only sometimes the actual intention to capture it! In this sense, it still is a low-level magic to me. As a whole, this piece of the book is a comforting bouncing back and forth between friends which leaves the reader with a sense of camaraderie. Kind of like when you find out that a stranger went to the same school..."

Krissy Taylor, Los Angeles
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